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About Us

Started in 1967, a small rolling mill started by my grandfather, today has turned out to be one the best export firm dealing in handcrafted goods. He started manufacturing aluminium utensils as an addition to the metals sheets manufactured in our unit. Over the years he took another step in the business by starting the manufacturing of steel and brass utensils and handcrafted goods.


26 years later in 1993, my father, the 2nd generation entered the business with an aim to grow the business and take it to new heights. The utensils and handcrafted goods manufactured in our unit were now being exported to different countries. With the increased demand in handicrafts all over the world, and winner of the Top export award for several years for the best electroplating quality, the business became one of the best exporter of handcrafted goods, with clients from Europe, the United Kingdom and the US.


Another 26 years later, i.e. 2019, I am entering the business with a different vertical to provide the export quality goods to the Indian society. I introduce to you HOME ASCENT (, our very own website where you can buy our handcrafted goods

We at Home Ascent intent to provide our customers with the best quality home décor products. Our main motto is to make export quality handcrafted products accessible to all. We have our own manufacturing unit where each and every piece you receive is handcrafted in our facility by our craftsmen, based in Moradabad.